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Get Visibility Into Your System's Weaknesses,One Problem at a Time

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Why Do We Get Blindsided?

Because small problems get patched instead of resolved.


Front-line workers are conditioned to bypass and work around

Following intuition or instruction, a front-line worker encountering a problem will do her best to suppress it.

Support staff doesn't know where they're truly needed

First responders who are trained to analyze and resolve aren't called to the scene quickly or at all.


Leaders fly blind

With no visibility into the patchwork of fixes, leaders are unaware of their organization's weak points until it's too late.

The cost of being blindsided:



avoidable fatalities

Commercial aviation


cost of flight delays

Navy aircraft carriers

8 in 9

delayed return to fleet after shipyard maintenance

Auto Manufacturing


cost of a defective ignition switch

What we need is an andon, or an

Easy Way to Call Things Out


Quickly call out problems - large or small.

Front-line staff needs an easy way to call out problems fast.


The right support staff responds.

Problems are automatically routed to those who can help.


All incidents get logged for root cause analysis.

Leaders monitor trends as they emerge instead of after they erupt.



See to Solve: 5 Clicks

Using any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, call out a problem in 15 seconds.

1. WHO: Indentify Yourself

2. WHERE: What ward, machine, room, etc.?

3. WHAT: Identify the problem type from a pre-determined list

4. ANNOTATION: A picture (optional) is worth 1000 words.


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Within 4 minutes, you can spin up your own copy of See to Solve. We'll ask you some short questions -- who's on your team, what problems might they observe. Then we'll send them your See to Solve URL and some brief tips on how to start reporting. Sit back and watch your dashboard light up with insights you wish you had seen earlier!

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Under 4 minutes to set up!

More Information

Customer Success:
Zoo New England and See to Solve are achieving results

Find out how See to Solve is helping Zoo New England minimize risk to animal health.

Recent Blog Posts by Dr. Steve Spear

See to Solve was created by Steve Spear, senior lecturer at MIT, senior fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and author of works such as Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System, Learning to Lead at Toyota, Fixing Healthcare from the Inside, and The High Velocity Edge.

The "see a problem, swarm and solve a problem" learning dynamic has had astounding results: in healthcare–elimination of complications, compression and disappearance of wait times, and liberation of capacity. In industry, multipliers in throughput speed and capacity. In new product design, reductions by one-quarter to one-half the time to get to better plans.

Read more about the See-to-Solve dynamic
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